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‘Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm’  -- Winston Churchill

Even if success does not have 7 c’s in it but the greatest consultant detective of all time - Sherlock Holmes has succcccccess in his brain. Sherlock, a brilliantly eccentric man, a spy consultant for the British Police solves cases - some perilous and some enthralling along with his best friend Dr. John Watson, an ex-army doctor who recently moved to London and accidentally became his flatmate. Even the mastermind has a nemesis- James Moriarty who is equally genius but the difference is in his profession, Moriarty dreams to destroy the world but Sherlock never allows him to do so. The 7 C's of success is purely elucidated by Sherlock’s conduct.

C for Clarity - Sherlock’s senses of observation and senses of logic are so immense that he gets to know his clients by just glancing at them: like he acquires the geographic location and transit of the accused and the accomplice, whether the client is inebriated or if the client has a pet. His Clarity is crystal clear that helps him solve cases with utmost ease.

C for Concentration - Sometimes people take a lot of time in mastering an art but Sherlock mastered the art of solving mysteries with his focus and concentration. He would hinge on the minuscule of details that the police and the culprit would not even care about. Mr. Holmes spent most of his time with his pet microscope, reading, and investigation the cells, their behavior and the potential reason for the victim’s death.

C for Constraints - Sherlock used to drug himself by justifying it under the pretense that - ‘it helps me think clearly’. Due to this reason, Dr. Watson, Mrs. Hudson, and Lestrade often dismissed his thought process and did not believe him. A non-compos-mentis according to them, Sherlock eventually won over his lunatic constraint showcasing his consistent eruditeness. 

C for Creativity - Sherlock’s creative brain more often than not surprised his peers. Using examples not words, he completely befuddled a crying woman whose husband had passed away, trying to save time! Creative indeed! At Magnussen’s Appledore, where Magnussen stored all the information about people, he attached a tracking device to his laptop to keep the police informed. And what can be more creative than stringing the information together in his mind palace and regurgitating it out to impress people? Narcissist indeed.

C for Continuous Learning - Sherlock, an impudent and haughty man often snubbed Molly, his lab assistant, but at times he would learn from his mistakes made in the lab. Sherlock did not shy away from admitting to his mistakes and tried to learn constantly by improving not only his tactics but also his arrogance for relationships.

C for Courage - In the episode, ‘A Study in Pink’, Sherlock is courageous enough to follow the serial killer and accept his challenge to consume the pill that killed 3 people. It was, however, a timely shot by Dr. Watson saved him succumbing to his trap. He encountered Shan, an underworld criminal from China, without fear and saved the lives of John and Sarah. His courage was a delight to watch in the episode, ‘The Reinbach Fall’ where he overshadowed Moriarty’s threat by jumping off the building to save his people - Dr. Watson and Mrs. Hudson.

C for Competence - Sherlock was competing with his own brain, he was often trying to challenge himself by solving tougher and interesting cases rather than getting stuck with the easier ones, dismissing them as ’boring’. He took challenging cases so that he could outshine his own genius by solving them.

Even though Sherlock is a fictional character and has the 7 inherent C’s of success, I get inspired by him and try to apply his conduct in my life. Should not we humans try and imbibe these traits and get successful?


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